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Bringing wellbeing to education recruitment

Our community

Our Promise

At Always Flourishing we take a distinctively refreshing approach to talent selection, acquisition and placement by delivering:

  • Exceptional care for both clients and candidates built on a belief that relationships are for the long-term
  • Wider enabling and enriching services ensuring that clients see us as the natural extension of their HR departments and candidates view us as their career mentor & life coach.
  • Better practices that capitalise on advanced technology and accommodate a new generation of talent

We are committed to providing the best quality, best practice and best outcomes in everything we do. As an accredited member of The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), our aim is to always reflect our commitment to quality and excellence in the experience of our clients and candidates. We are continuously learning and improving and value the feedback of our customers every step of the way.

Our community

Always Flourishing works with a number of organisations including, local governments, educational organisations and charities, to deliver common goals and engage with the wider community. As part of our mission to bring wellbeing to education recruitment, a percentage of our profits are donated to charities promoting wellbeing in the education sector.