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The Adventures of Eggberts - Free Teaching Resource

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Eggberts Colouring Book - Delivering the Mail by Paul GustafonTeaching your students about mail and the Post Office has never been more fun especially with Eggbert and his friends. Eggbert is a little egg who's given the task of delivering the mail to all the residents in town. Whilst delivering the mail, Eggbert encounters many adventures such as dealing with Silly Billy, Professor Egghead and Mystic Pegg. What's even more exciting is that students can colour in the characters, draw their accesories and join the dots! 


Eggberts Adventures - Delivering the mail by Paul Gustafson is available to download for FREE from the Royal Mail Education wuebsite making it the perfect classroom resource. Click here to download this fantastic colouring and activity book. 

Paul Gustafson is a qualified teacher in Oxford with a significant amount of experience, in addition to teaching, Paul has cleverly created a series of books revolving around the Eggbert and his adventures in every day life making it highly suitable for use in Primary School.

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