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5 Unique Sporting Activities To Attempt For National School Sports Week

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National School Sports Week, is a huge celebration of sport and PE in schools and takes place on the 26th to the 30th June. Created and organised by the Youth Sport Trust, National School Sports Week aims to promote student's health and fitness but more importantly, it encourages teamwork, communication and a great sense of fun.

If you haven't got any activities planned for National School Sports Week, we've compiled some of the most unique and exciting PE plans for you!

Take a look at our suggestions below!

The Coordination Course

Cone Hurdles

Coordination is key to success in any physical activity. With this lesson plan, students are able to develop and expand their Coordination through means of a stimulating obstacle course. Whether it's walking through a series of cones in a Zig-Zag pattern or shooting a basketball 5 times, students can take the utmost pleasure in this challenging but amusing lesson.

Bark Ball

Tennis Bark Ball

Bark Ball may sound like it has something to do with Animals but that's far from the case. Bark Ball is an interesting variant on the bat and ball games such as rounders and baseball as well as popular chase and flee games. Be sure to check out the fill list of instructions and the game structure from

The Quidditch Lesson Plan

Harry Potter Quidditch

Grab your Nimbus 2000's and your Firebolts, hit the Bludgers and catch the Golden Snitch in this fun and exciting PE game. If you or your students are avid Harry Potter fans, then this is the lesson you have been waiting for! This amusing activity aims to improve on students chasing and fleeing skills in a game that is similar to the one played in the wizarding world. This plan comes with a full list of equipment needed as well as some brilliant variations that will make the game even more engaging.

Free Running and Parkour Plan

Free Running.Parkour

Free Running and Parkour have become extremely popular in recent years with many adventurous and brave individuals undertaking extreme stunts and aerials. However, I highly doubt it would be a wise idea to encourage the attempt of these jaw-dropping feats in a classroom environment. The Free Running and Parkour plan aims to introduce safer but enjoyable Parkour moves such as vaults and rolls. Taking into consideration school equipment and resources, this sports lesson has a range of activities for outdoor and indoor lessons.

Physical Fitness Koosh Game

Koosh Ball

Sports games do not have to always take place outside. SMART Exchange have created an interesting sporting activity for Smart Board users that integrates exercise with trivia. Students take it in turns to throw a softball, bean bag, or koosh ball at the circled targets to open up a trivia question or exercise. This is a great alternative for outdoor lessons especially when there's a class of restless student and it's a wet play.

We hope you get involved with National Schools Sports Week and we would love to hear if you've tried any of our recommendations with your class. Do let us know by leaving a comment or by messaging us on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

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