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How Always Flourishing Is Battling The Teacher Recruitment Crisis

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A teacher actively engaging with her student.This blog was partially updated on the 23rd November 2016 for improved accuracy and comprehensiveness.

There is little doubt that there is a looming teacher crisis in England with many areas more affected than others. In our first blog related to the education recruitment sector, we are looking at some of the challenges faced by schools we work with and examining the startling data around the looming crisis in teaching recruitment. 

Today a poll by PA news showed almost three out of four local education authorities in England are experiencing a teacher shortage, and 18 percent of those polled said the problem had reached crisis levels. This is by no means news to Always Flourishing.

This week we talked with three secondary heads who are actively working with us to plan how we can address likely vaccines just through retirement in January 2016. They also expressed growing concern relating to 'no cover' industrial action in the news.

The NASUWT is holding ballots in a number of schools and has threatened to hold more votes on an LEA-wide basis in protest at shortages.

This week a number of Always Flourishing team members attending the REC Education conference in London where again talking about teacher shortages being at the top of the agenda. Information from Oxford Teaching Services suggested that there will be no further supply of entrants to teaching from training until the 2015 cohort commences job hunting in early 2016.

The remaining supply of entrants will have to help fill any late vacancies for September and the vacancies that will arise for January 2016. (It is assumed that no new entrants will be needed in April 2016).

The absence of a pool of trainees means vacancies for January 2016 will need to be filled by returners, existing teachers changing schools, which creates further vacancies, and the recruitment of either teacher from overseas or those with no teaching qualifications or inappropriate qualifications.

We are working with Headteachers in both Primary and Secondary settings to support recruitment planning well in advance of 2016. Helping to plan for a mix of qualified, highly skilled unqualified teacher and overseas trained teachers to meet there needs.

If you would like to know more about how the Always Flourishing recruitment team can support you into 2016 with the right school teachers in place for January, please submit your enquiries to our contact form.

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