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Top Children's and Young Adult Books in the Always Flourishing Office

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In honour of the heavily celebrated World Book Day, The team at Always Flourishing team discuss their favourite Children's books and why they make such fascinating reads.

Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter - Chosen By Laura

Peter RabbitPeter Rabbit is the story of a young adventurous Rabbit who wishes to venture of into Mr McGregors farm after his mother warns him not to enter, "your Father had an accident there; he was put in a pie by Mrs. McGregor". With a taste for vegetables especially carrots and radishes, Peter rebelsagainst his Mother's wishes, Peter sneakily enters the garden and ends up in a series of scrapes, adventures and lucky escapes at the hands of Mr McGregor and his cat. From hiding in a watering can to being trapped under a garden sieve, Peter does eventually manage to escape but his troubles are far from other when his Mother finds out what he's been up to! 


Winnie The Pooh by A. A Milne – Chosen by Zuzana

Winnie The PoohWinne the Pooh and the residents of the hundred acre wood are well known characters in both Literature and Television. Pooh's liking for food especially honey is common recipe for trouble in the books by A. A Milne. Winnie the Pooh is an enchanting series of stories with many loveable characters who have become children's literary icons such as the loveable but timid Piglet, the hyperactive Tigger, the uptight and rule loving Rabbit and the only human in the series Christopher Robin. Due to the popularity of the books, Disney transformed Winnie the Pooh into a series of shorts and films closely based on the books which have captured the minds and hearts of children's worldwide.


The Story of Tracey Beaker by Jaqueline Wilson – Chosen by Becky

The Story of Tracey BeakerTracey Beaker is a loud, rule breaking and imaginative child who lives in a residential care home nicknamed "The Dumping Ground" due to neglect from her mother. With a strong attitude and a The books revolve around Tracey's desire to be fostered and to leave the Dumping Ground as well as the many adventures and incidents herself, her friends and the adults ultimately get caught up in. A common occurrence in the series of books is Tracey's rivalry with Justine Littlewood who apparently stole her best friend Louise and even worse her bedroom!



Nightmare Stairs by Robert Swindells – Chosen by James M

Nightmare Stairs Robert SwindellsNightmare Stairs is a far cry from the somewhat happy and light hearted Children's/ Young Adult books mentioned above. Nightmare Stairs is the story of a complicated murder mystery from the perspective of the investigator, a 13 year old school girl Kirsty Miller. Ever since Kirsty was a baby, she had the recurring nightmare of falling down an old flight of stairs, it just so happens that her Grandma died in the same fashion. Whilst her death was declared an accident, Kirsty knows it wasn't as her dreams reveal that she is pushed. Kirsty sets out to discover hard evidence to prove that her Grandma was murdered but instead gets a lot more than she bargained for. This books sensitively and age appropriately deals with adult themes making it an suitable choice for a slightly older reader. 



For even more suggestions for the top Children's books for World Book Day, please do read this fantastic article from The Telegraph. 

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