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Flourishing In The Face Of Adversity!

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Recent events at the Always Flourishing office have made the phrases “Keep Calm and Carry On” and “Accentuate The Positive” take on a new resonance…. But, true to our name we were 'Flourishing’. 

Another Water Damaged Picture Of The Always Flourishing Office

It was on a normal Monday morning when we discovered to our surprise that the Always Flourishing office had been completely flooded causing a fair bit of damage because a seemingly innocent tap from the office above had split in two!

Those who came into work that morning were quickly relocated to our Director Andy’s house and those who were on their way, were told to retreat and form what we called the Home Front. The war references abound as we certainly felt a bit of ‘blitz spirit’ as we tried to keep ‘business as usual’ in these unexpectedly challenging circumstances.

However, we would like to apologise to any of our highly valued customers and candidates who may have tried to contact us via the company number when our phone lines were down. Although, we were soon able to have our company number diverted and in no time at all, we were able to take and receive calls. With all of us scattered across various areas in Berkshire, we wouldn’t be swayed in supporting both quality teachers and the many schools we actively support in The Home Counties.

The Water Damaged Always Flourishing Office

On Day 2, the Always Flourishing team were temporarily housed in a serviced office for 1 day before making our new home at Merlin House in Theale the next day. All of us here are absolutely thrilled with our temporary office, and it should be a hit with our teachers as It is adjacent to Theale train station, has a spacious parking facility as well as a very popular canteen!

We’ll be at Merlin house for a few months and whilst we greatly miss our office in Pangbourne, we’re going to make the most of our time in Theale and continue to do our upmost best in supporting our schools and our teachers.

It’s been one very hectic and challenging journey but even in the face of adversity we are 'Always Flourishing!’

Statement from Director Vicky Nyssen,

I am so proud of how the Always Flourishing team rallied through this unexpected challenge and apologise to anybody who wasn’t able to get hold of us last Monday. However, we now fit for business in our temporary home and look forward to welcoming you to our new home.

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