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10 Reasons To Consider Using Teaching Recruitment Agencies

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Teaching recruitment agencies, including supply teaching agencies, have become an integral part of most UK school recruitment strategies.

As an education agency of choice for many schools across the Thames Valley and surrounding areas, Always Flourishing would like to share some of the reasons why these schools choose to use us, as well as a number of other reputable education recruitment agencies.

What does an Education Agency Do?

While education agencies are often called supply agencies, many of them provide staff for a wide range of contracts. Short-term supply teaching cover and supervising is one of the services we provide here at Always Flourishing, but we also fill longer-term teaching vacancies, for example, to cover maternity leave, sabbaticals and long-term illnesses. We also recruit for full-time teaching positions and roles in leadership.

Like many organisations across several industries use independent recruitment companies as part of their hiring strategies, schools use education recruitment consultants to fill roles they have available. At Always Flourishing, however, we offer plenty of added value support to schools. We're former teachers ourselves and understand the current challenges schools face, exacerbated significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Impact of COVID-19 on Schools and Agencies

Schools play an essential role in supporting children, not just with their education but also with their health. The national lockdown in the UK in March 2020 forced schools, nurseries and colleges to close for all students, with the exception of children of key workers and vulnerable pupils. The UK government also announced that GCSE and A-Level exams would be cancelled, with grades awarded based on teacher assessment and predicted grades, which resulted in widespread controversy. Now, as we are partially through the 2020-21 school term, with some schools being forced to close temporarily due to ongoing fluctuating COVID-19 infections in teachers, the pressure has not exactly eased for schools.
Always Flourishing are committed to helping our partner schools stay on top of the current situation, by providing short and long-term cover supervisors, supply teachers, teaching assistants and other staff where we can. If you are considering using an education recruitment specialist, here are ten reasons why you should consider doing so.

How can Teaching Recruitment Agencies Help You?

Teaching agencies have the ability to spot worthy candidates for available vacancies, while schools struggle to find the time to effectively screen applicants. A teaching recruitment specialist can save schools so much time and resources by handling recruitment for them, ensuring the best possible candidates are hired.

  1. We have access to a large talent pool of candidates.

    Always Flourishing has extensive databases of potential candidates. Whether they're actively looking for new teaching jobs or not, our team has taken time to assess what they are looking for in an ideal vacancy.
  2. We take care of the whole screening and interviewing process.

    It's safe to say we are adept at filtering through candidates that are unsuitable for your vacant position(s), and ensure that the very best are passed onto you for consideration.
  3. Using an agency allows you to focus on retaining your existing staff.

    Although hiring teaching staff is a necessity, the teaching recruitment process is time-consuming and can have a detrimental effect on your current teachers. Delegating it to an agency will free up your time to focus on improving your current staff's skills, subsequently improving your staff turnover and retention.
  4. You have more room and time to focus on what's going on in your school.

    The time it takes to source and recruit staff distracts you from your core school activities. This time could be spent doing the things you need to do to help your school run smoothly.
  5. It's very low risk.

    Most recruiters have a "no placement, no fee" policy, meaning that if a hire is unsuccessful, there is no fee to pay. This means that education agencies have to make smart decisions at passing the very best candidates for your needs.
  6. Confidentiality.

    We always keep our clients' names confidential in the first instance, usually until the candidate has passed the initial screening and progressed past an initial conversation with the recruiter.
  7. Industry experience.

    We are all former teachers and education professionals, so we know the industry very well.
  8. Get access to qualified, professional applicants quickly and efficiently.

    Education agencies only focus on recruiting for education positions. Whenever new challenges or changes present themselves, we don't let this affect our work.
  9. Added value services.

    We offer much more than standard recruitment too, including a carefully-selected talent pool of video interviews, tracking and sourcing talent consistently and independent advice on development and management.
  10. A team of specialist recruiters covering different sectors.

    We have dedicated people recruiting for primary school jobs, as well as jobs in secondary schools, nurseries, private schools, the SEND sector and much more.

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