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Lesson Plans for The Queens Birthday! 2

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With Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd turning 90 years old this Thursday, we've browsed the web for the very best classroom activities to celebrate the occasion as well as enable students to learn about her predecessors throughout history!


The Role of a Monarch

The Role of a Monarch

What is a Monarch and what specifically do they do? In this great KS1 activity, students have the opportunity to play a King or Queen and discuss what many infamous royal objects represent as well as undertake a royal roleplay on the qualities they wish to have as a monarch. Download the Lesson Plan Here

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

This lesson plan aimed at mixed level Secondary students, contains many fun activities such as a Royal Quiz, a family member mix and match and a two exciting role play scenarios featuring the Queen and a reporter. Obtain the full range of resources here

Kings and Queens Lesson Plan

The Queen and Prince Phillip

Covering all KS1 aspects including Maths, Science, History and Art, this fantastic resource on Kings and Queens is a highly versatile and adaptable making it a must have for this week's celebrations Register and Log in to obtain this Twinkl Resource

Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday Resource Pack

Birthday Celebration

Another fantastic Twinkl Resource in which your students can plan Queen Elizabeth's birthday party! From designing invitations, creating the birthday bunting and displaying the banners, your students will have a fantastic time celebrating this special occasion! Download this amazing Twinkl resource here: