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What does The Great British Bake Off tell us about how students learn?

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This week's TV listings left us caught between the Bake off Bubble and Jamie Oliver's War on Sugar and revealed the national obsession with cooking and nutrition that has become a national obsession since the rise of the Celebrity Chef. Nadiya Hussain Great British Bake Off

Whatever we think of this national phenomenon, watching shows like bake off is a pleasure for millions, especially for our children. With 13.5 million tuning in, it has been this week's media event for Kids. With so many of our students interested in icing sugar and frosting what opportunities does this present to schools.


The standard of cookery education in schools is highly variable. In the best schools, teaching is brilliant and schools have used this opportunity to involve parents and improve nutrition for the whole family. But in too many schools, food technology means a few hours of uninspiring lessons that are soon forgotten. With the bake off kids now more engaged than ever, there is an opportunity to bring out the chefs and healthy eaters of the future.

This is a great opportunity for teachers to evoke a sense of passion for cooking in the classroom. As with all cultural and media trends there tends to be a short term engagement. We hope that this cookie does not crumble.

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