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The Top New Years Resolutions for Teachers

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Now that the Christmas period has finally embraced us, it won't be long until we warmly welcome 2018. As always, a New Year calls for new beginnings and changes and should you find yourself looking to make a difference to yourself and your teaching practice for the New Year, we've got you covered!

Always Flourishing New Years Resolution for Teachers1. Improve And Maintain Your Wellbeing Work/Life Balance

As identified in a YouGuv Survey, 57% percent of teachers outlined that a poor work/life balance was the reason that they ultimately decided to leave the profession. Your own personal wellbeing is so important especially if you have high aspirations for yourself and your students.

We already have a whole guide in relation to maximising your work-life balance so take a look at one of our popular blogs 'Practical Guide: Keep Your Teacher Wellbeing In Check' for a full list of our most recommended tips and ideas.

2. Embrace Social Media

Social Media is no longer just for sharing cat pictures and the occasional rant. Networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are bursting with some brilliant discussions surrounding education. The most popular social network for teachers is Twitter for a number of amazing reasons. From a vibrant community who encourage others to share and even update resources as well as the engaging and popular chats such as #primaryrocks and #edtechchat, twitters phenomenal worldwide community of teachers will have you embracing new ideas along with a refreshed perspective.


3. Involve Fitness

As we're sure you're aware, there's more to Edtech than just an interactive whiteboard. But what apps and software can you include in your class? Firstly, make sure you know exactly what you want to achieve by using technology in the classroom. Is it to increase student participation or reward good behaviour? There are numerous Edtech apps such as Class Dojo and Plickers that helps you to achieve this but for a full list of some of our favourites that you should try in the New Year, please read 'The Best EdTech Apps We Insist You Use In Your Classroom!'

4. Incorporate Health and Fitness Into Your Class

The vast majority of people in the New Year will be starting a complete body detox and a health kick and there's no reason as to why this can't be encouraged in the classroom. Give your students lessons on healthy eating and make use of physical exercise when possible.

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