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Exciting Activities For Teachers To Do In The Summer Holidays!

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The 6 weeks holidays are just around the bend and teachers and students will be taking some much needed time of away from the classroom. Naturally, the summer holidays have a tendency to fly by and become a distant memory by September, so here are some fantastic ideas to enable you to make the most of your well-earned break!

Have Some Much Needed Me Time


Fully relax and unwind this summer with an array of soothing and peaceful activities. Be sure to fully recharge yourself ready for the new school year with these suggestions

  • Spend the day in bed – Curl up in a blanket, open the DVD boxset and spend the day totally immersed in quality films or TV.
  • Book a Spa treatment – Head to your local spa and try out the many treatments they have from floatation therapy, massages and facials.
  • Meditate – Evidence suggest that two sessions of meditation daily can relive stress and depression.
  • Read a book – Uncover the likes of J.K Rowling, Stephen King and countless other authors. Find a quite spot and let the pages turn. If you're feeling ambitious you could even have a go at writing your own material!

Try A New Hobby

Try a New Hobby

We understand that teachers can sometimes struggle in keeping up a hobby as well as working in a worthwhile profession. The 6 weeks summer holidays are the perfect time to discover a new interest and here are some we have suggested below.

  • Attend a cookery class – Inspired by the likes of Jamie Oliver and Mary Berry? Look for a local cookery class and hone your skills in the kitchen. There are many to styles and cuisines to suit you and your tastes.
  • Get Dancing – If you enjoy watching shows like Strictly Come Dancing or popular dance films like Step Up, why not give your local schools dance classes a try? Dancing is an amazing activity that burns calories, enables you to socialise with others and improves your overall fitness.
  • Make Music – Everyone takes comfort and enjoyment in music but imagine the possibility of creating your own unique sound. Why not have a got a trying a new instrument. From the double bass all the way to the bassoon there's an instrument for everyone.

Embrace The Outdoors

Embrace The Outdoors

Now that you're out the classroom, you can make the most of the potentially good weather the UK has to offer. Make sure you don't spend all your time indoors by trying these outdoors activities.

  • Head To Beach – It wouldn't be the summer holidays without a trip to the beach! Grab your bucket and spades, and head down to the coastal areas for a day of sun, sea and sand. Also, fresh Fish and chips on the beach is a must.
  • Go Camping – Camping Holiday's may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is something we highly recommend. Get back to nature and spend a few days outdoors in the countryside.
  • Bike Riding – Find local riding routes in your town and spend the day with your feet on the pedals. Bike rides are hugely popular and sociable activity if done in groups.
  • Have a BBQ – It wouldn't be summer without a traditional BBQ. Get the coals hot, bang on the food and have a fun filled evening with your friend and family. You could even invite your teaching colleagues too!

Get Planning For The New School Year

Get Planning For The New School Year

As much as summer is the time for relaxing and unwinding, it's always best to get a head start for the new school term. With new classes, new pupils and maybe even a new role, we recommend the following in order to get you ready for the September term. Spend a no more than a few hours a week ensuring that your curriculum knowledge is up to date, your lessons are planned and your classroom displays are sorted. Getting ready for the new school year can get you buzzing for excitement for when you return to the classroom!

Use Your Skills To Help Others

Teacher and Student

Teachers are without a doubt, some of the most skilled and knowledgeable people who have the necessary tools to help others. If teachers have exhausted the above suggestions and are itching to get back into the classroom there is an array of opportunities to enable them to use their highly advanced skillset to make a difference. If you have a subject specialism, tutoring is one key way you can help a person over the summer break. Some students and even adults need additional support in order for them to progress on a particularly week area. Tutoring also allows you to earn additional income over the summer, giving you that little bit extra!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on Summer suggestions so do let us know in the comments or by getting in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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