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5 Amazing Reasons To Celebrate World Teacher Day

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World Teachers DayTeachers across the world have reason to celebrate as October the 5th marks World Teacher Day! Teachers are without a doubt some of the most inspirational, important and influential figures across the globe and great teachers have the capabilities of unleashing a wealth of wisdom that is soaked up by students. In this blog we take a look at why teacher and all the efforts they make should be celebrated by all!

1. Teachers are Inspirational

There's no question about it, teachers ARE inspirational. They give hope when students feel that all is lost and they give their time and effort into helping you reach every single one of their student's goals. Teachers offer their wisdom, expertise and passion in order to help their students enjoy learning and get the very best out of spending most of their day in school.

2. Teachers work hard.... Very, very hard.

Teachers don't stop when the bell rings at the end of the day. There's after school revision sessions, planning next terms exciting lessons and making sure pupils get appropriate feedback in order to progress and that's just scratching the surface of it! Teachers often bring masses of work home with them just so they can give their all to make a real difference to the kids in their class.

3. Teachers care ever so much.

They don't just care about grades or how well their pupils doing in lessons, they take a genuine interest in the lives of their students. Fantastic teachers show so much interest into life outside of the classroom especially when there students are concerned. Some teachers even go out of their way to support students in there extracurricular activities.

4. Teachers teach more than their subject

You kind of guessed that teachers obviously teach, but have you ever considered that teachers teach so much more than their own subject or specialism? Values, manners, behaviour, self-discipline and how to be kind are at the heart of every teacher's lesson. 

5. Teachers shape the future of every single one of their students' lives.

Without someone to guide, inspire and care, where would some of the world's greatest, leaders, celebrities and stars be? Maya Angelou, the highly renowned author whose work has been read and idolised by both children and adult alike may never have been able to produce the stunning pieces of literature that she did if it weren't for her neighbour turned teacher, Mrs Flowers. Mrs Flowers encouraged her to read, taking her to the library and telling her to read every book within the small room. As she read, Angelou found a love of poetry, a love that was deepened as Mrs. Flowers had her come to her house and read to her, so that Angelou could really learn to love poetry as she spoke it aloud. – Source: Online Universities

Whether you have a family member or friend who is currently a teacher of if you have a colleague who is in this brilliant profession, do make the effort to thank them for the contributions they make to the lives of every student. Teachers, we salute you!

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