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Stories Straight From The Classroom

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To mark the end of National Story Telling Week, we asked a whole range of teachers and education professionals on what their most heartwarming, amusing and inspiring stories they have to tell. 


I had a student last year who would always walk into my classroom in the funniest way possible. He always brightened my morning. His face would always be beaming as I waited to see what creative way he invented to enter the room that day, making his performance all the more fun to watch. - Doug James

Triangle Maths EquipmentI was working with a bright seventh-grader on his take-home geometry work. One question asked for the perimeter of a diagrammed triangle, but only two sides of the triangle were labelled. He had no idea how to answer the question. It happened to be a right triangle, so I told him that while I was absolutely positive it wasn't the method his teacher intended him to use I could show him a way to find the missing side. We spent half an hour on the Pythagoras Theorem and he loved it. The next time I saw him I asked how he'd done. The teacher had given him full marks but was bewildered that my student had used an algebraic theorem to solve a simple addition problem. (They hadn't even covered exponents yet.) Apparently the class was supposed to find the length of the missing side of the triangle by... literally measuring it with a ruler. The student and I agreed our way was better. - Reddit User


Years ago, when I taught 5th and 6th grade, a girl came to me after Christmas with her brand new Sponge Bob watch on her wrist. "Miss," she said. "I think my watch is broken." She held out her wrist. "It says '8 S L'" "Here, sweetie," I responded as I unbuckled the buckle. "Let's put that on right-side up for you." - Jennelle Zarn


I taught English at a high school in Spain last year. We did a geography exercise where I would pronounce the English version of a country or body of water's name, and they would repeat it in unison. I came a across the Aegeon Sea, and I had no idea how to pronounce it. In my flustered confusion I tried, and said "AY-jeein sea... I think," and without hesitation everyone repeated "Aegean-Sea-I-Think." I lost it, and to this day I'm pretty sure they still don't know why. - Reddit User


Teacher and StudentOne of the most memorable inspiring stories I have to tell about one of my students was seeing them go from being a complete mute at the beginning of the year to a confident individual by the end of the year. It took a lot of motivation and grit and salt determination but the rewards was endless. A moral from this story would be don't be afraid to push your student out of their comfortable zone there is so much adventure and opportunities outside of their comfort zone - Miss G


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