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My Thoughts On Every Kid Needs A Champion

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You may have seen or heard the current stereotypes surrounding teachers in the media. For example, they teach for the long holidays, and they do not have to like the children in their care. These unflattering and over exaggerated thoughts couldn't be further from the truth. As a teacher myself, we go into the profession brimming with passion and a deep desire to make a difference to the education of impressionable young individuals.

This ideology led me to stumble upon Rita Pierson's highly inspirational Ted Talk 'Every Kid Needs A Champion'.

Rita's TED Talk is rooted in her extensive experience teaching underprivileged children but it's seasoned with her abundance of energy and humour making it such an engaging and powerful video to watch and learn from!

Rita's humorous speech focuses on the sheer importance and often under-valued, need to build lasting relationships with the children in your care. As a former teacher myself, I wholeheartedly agree with her viewpoints and I feel that in an increasingly results-driven, policy ruled world, education is losing the importance of making the classroom environment a place where children are happy and feel supported, no matter what their abilities are.

As many of us will have experienced in observations concerning the "learning environment", we seem to be wholly graded on displays and not on the true nature of what "learning environment" means. Rita's ideology on how to enforce positivity in any circumstance is a welcome change to the current circumstances of education and her simple tactics on this are something I would include in my own pedagogy.

Her talk re-affirmed my central educational beliefs and it was a delight to watch and listen to someone so enthusiastic and inspiring.

I was also rather saddened to learn that Rita, unfortunately, passed away in 2013. However, her perspective on the true value of education and relationship building is such a fantastic legacy to leave behind, along with the many students she inspired from the many wonderful years she spent in the classroom.

Her sensational Ted Talk is something I would recommend every teacher watch!

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Sophie Appleton Wyeth
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