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Is Supply Teaching a Good Option?

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Reasons to Consider Supply Teaching

Getting into supply teaching is ideal for people who want to have a good balance between their work and home lives. When it comes to committing to teaching job opportunities that allow plenty of opportunities to follow your interests outside the classroom, while also giving you the chance to experience working in different schools (from private schools to schools in the SEND sector), then you may want to consider supply teaching.

Supply teaching agencies are faced with the growing demand for supply teachers by many local schools, and as far as we are concerned, there are plenty of schools in the Home Counties and Thames Valley that are constantly on the lookout for supply teaching staff. If you are still unsure about what teaching career opportunities to throw yourself into, you may wish to read on. A supply teaching position might just be that first step you need to take before settling on a full-time, permanent teaching career, and this blog will outline many of the advantages.

For your reference, here are 5 key tips for becoming a supply teacher.

Benefits of Becoming a Supply Teacher

  1. Flexibility – one of the key advantages of supply teaching is that you don't have to plan your holidays to fit within the school calendar, like most teachers. This is beneficial for those who prefer to avoid the peak travel prices and crowds, but supply teaching work offers more flexibility than just holidays. Given that you don't have the same commitments as you would if you had secured a permanent teaching job, you could always take that long weekend break, or take an extra couple of weeks off in September when there is less demand for supply teachers.
  2. Variety – you can often find teachers who have stayed in the same school for years. Some will have had the same position for the whole of their teaching careers. While some people prefer the aspect of job security and a familiar environment, it's sometimes more preferable and exciting for supply teachers to experience a wide variety of schools.
  3. Freedom – working as a supply teacher gives you a sense of autonomy in comparison to other teaching job positions. It's not unheard of how much work is involved outside the classroom for teachers, not to mention the hours they put in outside of school hours for lesson planning, paperwork, meetings, assessments and more. Supply work can alleviate much of the pressures of these arduous tasks, as well as relieve people from a competitive working environment. Speaking of freedom, working in supply teaching can open up certain opportunities across the country, which is handy if you are considering moving to a new area and want some flexible work before making a big commitment. Not just that, but if you decide to take time away from teaching, supply teaching opportunities are worth considering if you want an easy and flexible route back into the profession.
  4. Experience – supply work allows you the chance to experience working with various different teachers in a wide variety of education settings. You can judge for yourself how effective their teaching methods are, how they plan, assess their pupils and help their development. You'll also learn what not to do as it pertains to future supply teaching job opportunities. Supply teaching agencies are great resources to have if you are considering getting some more experience and added value for your teaching.
  5. Earn as you learnregistering with a teaching recruitment agency can open up doors for apprenticeships and courses that you can take while working in a school. Many schools are happy to accommodate supply teachers who are studying whilst they work, as that gives them the impression that you are potentially considering long-term, permanent teaching roles.

Looking for a Supply Teaching Agency?

Supply teaching work is much like if you were test driving a new car, or going through a trial run of a new product. It gives you plenty of opportunities to test the waters of teaching as a career option, freeing you from many of the hardships that go hand-in-hand with being a full-time teacher.

It goes without saying that being a substitute teacher is preferable for some candidates, regardless of which stage they are at in their careers. It's also helpful that hiring supply teachers on a flexible basis is something that many schools across the Thames Valley prefer to do. Therefore, supply teaching might just be the perfect choice for you at this juncture.

Always Flourishing offer a wide variety of supply teaching positions throughout the Home Counties and surrounding area. We specialise in recruiting and placing teachers of all experience levels, such as teaching assistants, headteachers and much more. We can place teachers in primary schools, secondary schools and even nurseries. We adopt a very personable approach to our candidates and partner schools, ensuring they receive the most transparent and thorough support possible.

Schools are always on the lookout for support staff to cover open vacancies, full-time teachers currently on maternity leave, as well as those who are temporarily absent, or on sabbatical. We can offer daily supply teaching opportunities (which can involve anything from one day to a few weeks' work) or long-term supply teaching positions which are preferred for candidates looking for guaranteed work with the same employer for a while.

For more advice, please register for supply teaching, or get in touch with us. We are more than happy to help.

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