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Can you Apply for Teaching Agency Jobs during COVID-19?

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COVID-19 Update for Teachers

The coronavirus pandemic has put an unprecedented and overwhelming strain on the education system. Back in March 2020, when the lockdown was imposed, schools were forced to close, and many were forced to turn to remote teaching. This left many full-time and supply teachers, teaching assistants and almost anybody who worked in a school, in a permanent state of confusion, uncertainty and confliction. 

As of 1st June 2020, schools gradually began reopening to pupils and students in phases. The government has now said that schools will now be allowed to move teachers between ‘bubble’ groups when all children return from September. 

These bubbles will need to be substantial enough so that schools can deliver a full range of subjects to students, particularly for older children in secondary schools. What’s more, teachers who work in a primary school, secondary school or other educational institution, will be allowed to move across different classes and year groups.


Are Teaching Agency Jobs Still Available?

The sudden closure of schools, coupled with the developing reopening procedures and social distancing protocols that schools will be implementing come September, has only fuelled the uncertainty for anyone currently working as a teacher. Not to mention those who are looking for new teaching vacancies or opportunities to become a supply teacher, for example. Recent developments might have made the teaching recruitment landscape look different this year, but Always Flourishing are here to answer any questions and offer our hand in support during this tumultuous time.

There are still teaching agency jobs out there. Some schools will be needing additional support when September rolls around, not only to cope with new measures, but to provide added support to those children whose learning has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many schools will need to hire teachers urgently over the next few weeks.

It’s important not to let the worldwide pandemic put a damper on your aspirations to apply for teaching agency work. Whether it’s as a supply teaching assistant or a cover supervisor, all staff are vital to the success of a school, and many schools will need help when term begins.

The right teaching jobs are still out there, and Always Flourishing are here to help you land those. No matter the current circumstances, our ethos hasn’t changed. Our mission is to help you get into teaching by landing that perfect school job, so here are some tips to help you get started through this challenging time.


Tips to Apply for Teaching Jobs

  1. Get an idea of schools in your area - whether you’re looking for full or part-time teaching jobs, you can’t currently visit schools on-site. You can, however, brush up on your knowledge to find out the types of schools looking to recruit.
  2. Arrange chats with the schools - in light of point 1, and now that schools are closed for the summer holidays, it’s difficult to get a feel for a school without being there. It helps to speak to as many members of staff as possible, particularly the main contact on a teacher job advertisement.
  3. Do a little investigation - it will pay dividends to gather as much information as you can, to make an informed decision on where to apply to teach. Find out what the schools’ environments are like, how they respond to behaviour, what their values are, read their website and materials to get a good flavour of what school life is like.
  4. Compare Ofsted reports - you can also read a school’s most recent and previous Ofsted reports, and compare it to that of other neighbouring schools. This is handy if you’re moving to a different area to apply for a teaching role.
  5. Ask questions - as a general rule of thumb, ask as many questions as you need to. If you’re feeling uncertain about anything, it doesn’t hurt to ask the school any questions concerning a teaching job application, or the current education landscape; they’re probably feeling uncertain too. If you have questions about teaching recruitment in any capacity, then we are also happy to speak to you.


Other Advice for Teachers

Rule number one here is to have patience. When you eventually land that online interview, treat it like any other teaching job interview. You should:

  • Be prepared
  • Stay focused
  • Retain eye contact
  • Avoid interruptions
  • Dress properly
  • Be friendly

Read our article on advice for NQTs for more detailed information.

Speak to a Teaching Recruitment Agency who can Help

For any advice on teaching agency work, contact Always Flourishing. We know this is a particularly challenging time for many who are in the process of applying for teaching jobs. Our experience stems from hands-on teaching experience and we will help you weather this storm.

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