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Filling Teaching Agency Jobs with the Right Candidates in 2020

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Filling Teaching Vacancies

Schools with available teaching jobs never have it easy. Finding the right aspiring teachers, either on a permanent or supply basis, is not something that is straightforward; it’s a very time-consuming and stressful process. 

The UK has had a substantial teacher shortage for some time now. Even in a pre-coronavirus society, teacher recruitment was always an issue which was the perfect example of a double-edged sword. Not only were schools needing to hire teachers with very specific skill sets and experience, but the number of suitable and viable teaching applications they would receive arguably would never total that many. 

For schools, shortlisting candidates felt like such a struggle, and as such, many teaching positions were filled hastily, and were often rushed. Those times feel so long ago now

Put simply, just because an NQT, cover supervisor or supply teacher has the minimum amount of experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be a great fit for the school. As with any teaching job application, recruiters should look beyond the skills, and think carefully about whether an applicant will gel well with the school’s ethos, values, aims and other teachers. Filling those teaching job positions quickly and hurriedly could mean you are recruiting for the same position again a short while later.

How can schools hone their shortlists down enough, to ensure they’re getting the right new teaching staff right away?

Teaching Agency Jobs in 2020

Considering the impact that COVID-19 has had on children, applicants and institutions across the UK, the country has by no means overcome the education recruitment shortage. If anything, the shortage has only worsened due to the increased redundancies schools have had to force because of the pandemic. 

While current teaching staff and school leaders have had a nerve-racking and difficult few months, it’s fair to say that aspiring teaching assistants, NQTs and supply teaching staffhave also been feeling tense and worried about September 2020. With the mandatory return to education, this has only compounded an already-prevalent issue of teacher shortages. The difference being now, many people could be ambivalent about starting a new job working as a teacher

With all of the above in mind, it’s important for schools to ensure that they play their part in making the 2020-2021 academic year as smooth and worry-free as possible. By no means will it be easy but these are uncertain times for anyone associated with the education system.

While schools narrow down the most suitable teachers for their available roles, here are some questions they should ask themselves.

Questions to Ask Those Applying for Teaching Jobs

  1. Is this the right school for them?

    No one school is the same as the next; there are always going to be prevalent problems and issues that staff will face. If you are recruiting for teaching positions, you need to decide whether candidates can measure up to those potential issues. These issues could be concerning parent bodies, safeguarding, behaviour and much more. By talking with applicants you need to get an honest answer about how they feel about such obstacles.

  2. Do they seem prepared for the COVID-related challenges ahead?

    Speaking of which, the types of issues all schools will be forced to face will be different to usual, given that we are still currently living through a nationwide pandemic. From social distancing protocols to minimising contact with others, it’s going to be challenging and different every day. These are exceptional circumstances to the norms, but you need to ensure applicants are unconditionally prepared to deal with these new measures.
  3. Do they match our school culture and ethos?

    Staff who are in alignment and agreement with your school aims, values and who will enhance your culture are worth your consideration. Teaching job covering letters are good places to spot these signs.
  4. Do they have the right teaching experience?

    Down the line, it’s worth taking a look at your initial teaching job criteria and see whether a candidate measures up, or exceeds it. Remind yourself of what you wanted, and use your judgement on each job application.

Get Help from an Education Recruitment Agency

Always Flourishing are continuing to source teaching candidates for UK schools (primary, secondary, SEND, nurseries and more) and want to support schools across the Thames Valley with any of their teacher recruitment concerns. Our mission is putting the right staff in the right teaching jobs straight away, and we can do the same for you.

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