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How Teachers Can Persevere

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Always Flourishing PerserveranceToday was a highly eventful morning in the Always Flourishing office especially as we had NO electricity whatsoever! We had no internet so we couldn't check our systems. We had no telephones so we couldn't answer any calls. We didn't even have heating! But Did this stop us from working full out to support our schools and candidates? Of course it didn't and by persevering we managed to continue on as best as possible and soon enough we were back in the warmth of our office.

The Always Flourishing Team working literally from home! 

Teachers and persevering

We all know teaching is not an easy job especially as no two days are the same. Lessons can go without a hitch on one day and unfortunately things can go wrong the next. But our message for teachers is not to give up and keep trying. We all have days where we feel like throwing the towel in but there's always tomorrow and with these fantastic tips we found online, you can always look forward to a new day with a fresh perspective.

1. Mobilize your Support Squad. Ask a few members of your Support Squad to get together to address a specific problem or issue about which each of them has information, expertise, or prior history. Be careful about mixing completely unrelated areas like your workout buddy and your career mentor. 2. Baby Steps. Did you ever see the movie "What About Bob?" That scene frequently pops into my head where his therapist explains to him the importance of baby steps. On the days where we're at the end of our rope, all that we need to focus on is that next little step. And, let's be honest, sometimes that next step is simply getting to our next breath. 3. Stay Rationally Optimistic. Okay so maybe things don't always go exactly as you planned. Maybe you sometimes face unanticipated challenges or things just don't happen as fast or as easily as you'd like them to. That's OK. Because the more you live life, the more you'll see that things usually happen differently than we expected...But they do happen for the best and usually they turn out quite well :). So take it easy and stay rationally optimistic. 4. Embrace Your Setbacks. You'll find that most millionaires, billionaires, and hugely successful people in general say that some of their greatest "setbacks" were actually indispensable components of their success. Often, without these so-called "setbacks" they would not have learned what was necessary to achieve their success. So be sure to embrace your so-called setbacks as opportunities to learn's very likely that these frustrations are indeed vital elements to your ultimate happiness and success. 5. Do one more thing. In spite of how you feel, make one more phone call, write one more page, and create one more video. When you want to quit, set your timer for 15 more minutes. Keep on keeping on.

So there you have it, the top tips for persevering and carrying on. We hope this motivates you to keep trying and persevering that little bit more. Articles: The BOLD life, Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life, Elephant Journal, PowerHome Biz.

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