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Get Ready for Revising!

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Revision and Studying TipsEaster is nearly coming to a close and whilst that brings the advent of the summer term, it also bring something highly important to the forefront. The GCSE and A Level exams. Students across the country will be heavily preparing for these exams which have such a big influence on their chosen career path. 

Teachers will also be constantly aiding and supporting students to make sure they are ready for these life changing exams and with that comes the focus of revision.

Revision is a challenge for many as it can sometimes be deemed long and monotonous. Sometimes students feel they don’t benefit from revision, But with these fantastic revision tips, we can ensure that students and teachers will make the most of out of revising and hopefully will be prepared for the 2016 summer exams.

1- Start NOW and Get Planning!

When it comes to revision, slow and steady wins the race. Look at when each exam is due to take place, then create a revision timetable that prioritises the subjects you’ll be tested on first. You should also include your exam dates, times and locations.

By making a plan in advance of the exam period (and sticking to it!), you’ll feel more in control of your work - and you can avoid being gripped by last minute panic. When you create your revision timetable, be honest with yourself about which subjects you are, and aren't, looking forward to spending time on.

By planing less enjoyable topics next to ones you find more interesting, you'll find it easier to keep going. For example, an hour of maths revision might be more bearable if you know you have history to look forward to after lunch. Avoid spending more than an hour on each subject, and make sure you build in time for regular breaks, too. For creating your own personalised revision timetable, head to Get Revising.

2 - Practice what you will be tested on

Practise the thing you'll be tested on. The big mistake many students make is not practising the thing they will be tested on. If your exam involves writing an essay, you need to practise essay-writing. Merely memorising the material is not enough. 

Writing exam answers is a skill, just like playing an online game is a skill. You wouldn't try and improve at a game by trying to memorise moves, you'd practice making them.

3 – Make revision memorable and fun

If you make revision as fun as possible, you will be more likely to remember your exam skills and exam information. Revision does not always have to be silently writing revision cards or highlighting and information source. Get creative with your revision with these ideas!

  • Write a revision song – If you have a song you can’t get out of your head, re-write the lyrics or create an entirely new song based around a certain topic you are revising. If you are up for more of a revision challenge, perform the song to your friends or class for a truly memorable experience.
  • Revision quizzes – TV quiz shows such as The Chase are hugely popular. Create your own game show with questions and answers based around a particular subject. If you are feeling generous, offer prizes to participants.
  • Voice Notes – Record your own revision voice notes and listen to them constantly. Most smartphones have this function so you can record your notes easily. Listen to your notes when you are travelling to and from school or any part of the day where you can unwind. 

4 – Videos

Ask your teacher for access to any videos relating to the topic. Videos are a great way of learning information and your teacher will have plenty of visual resources on your subject. It’s better to have your teacher send you videos rather than finding them yourself on YouTube as YouTube is a free video hosting platform and anyone can upload videos which could lead to users uploading incorrect information.

If you are looking for videos yourself, we recommend you heading to BBC Bitesize which has a fantastic resource bank for each level and subject which is filled with videos. BBC BiteSize

If you have any further ideas on revision tips you’d like to share, contact us on our Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+ profiles.

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