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3 Reasons Why Cooking Should Be Compulsory in Schools

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A recent survey from The Times highlighted that young people are overspending on takeaways more than any other age group as well as only knowing on average 4 recipes. Do schools have a duty to teach students the basics of cookery?

BBC's Good Food magazine revealed that 16-24 years old are spending £63.65 on food per week. In comparison to this, adults are typically spending £57.30. Could this spend be combatted by students learning the fundamental basics in cooking? We very much agree so.

Food Technology is such an important subject that is unfortunately not emphasised that much in schools according to various reports. Liz Goodwin, a former head of a government advisory group, has warned that many generations of young people lack key culinary skills and with current health issues such as childhood obesity and diabetes being so prominent in the media, do schools have any responsibility to counteract this?

Why Should Cookery Be Emphasised On The Curriculum?


1. It's An Essential Life Skill

Chopping Food

According to a number of sources, basic cookery is something too few students are capable of doing. Students reportedly lack confidence and knowledge in any kitchen setting and sadly, this has resulted in them showing little desire or interest in cooking their own meals.

Upon studying both the practical and theoretical elements of Food Technology, students will ultimately receive a sound knowledge of key culinary skills needed to cook a basic meal. But, there are so much they can additionally gain from learning cookery.

In a short span of approximately 50 years, British cuisine has dramatically evolved with dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognese and Chicken Tikka Masala being just as iconic and popular as Fish and Chips. Impressionable teenagers can broaden their horizons by cooking dishes from various cultures and by doing so they can experience different tastes and flavours as well as having an improved knowledge of the world simply through food.

2. Cookery Can Improve And Promote A Healthy Lifestyle

There is no denying that fast food takeaways such as McDonalds, Dominos and KFC are popular for students. But, there is also no escaping the fact they serve some of the unhealthiest food available at significantly low prices.

Just one slice of Domino's Pepperoni Pizza contains 310 calories and 16 grams of fat with just 8 slices totalling to 2,480 calories and 128 grams of fat!

When students are cooking for themselves, they can determine exactly what goes into their meals, how to maximise the nutrient value and whether ingredients are organic or not.

If students still crave an unhealthy takeout meal such as Southern Fried Chicken, why not give them a recipe to make a healthier alternative that still packs plenty of flavour but, with fewer calories and fat.

Check out Jamie Oliver's healthy version of Fried Chicken below!


3. Students Can Uncover A Potential Career.

Nadiya Hussain and Jean Marshall

Teachers are known for igniting sparks and championing talent in young individuals and with students passionately exposed to cookery, who's to say that some of them won't end up in the catering and hospitality industry?

Many highly successful cooks, in particular, Great British Break of Winner, Nadiya Hussain was introduced to elements of cooking by their Food Technology teacher.

Many notable food figures such as Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal have inspired numerous individuals to get fully involved in cooking and teachers equally share the responsibility to do this.

 Do you agree that cookery and Food Technology is something that should be heavily emphasised in the schools, then do let us know in the comments? If you are seeking a new Food and Cookery teaching role where you can inspire the upcoming generation of food-loving students, then register your details here. 


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