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How Teachers Can Help Students on A Level and GCSE Results Day

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Enabling Students to Survive GCSE and A Level Results DayThe long awaited A Level results day on the 18th of this month and GCSE's on the 24th and we can guarantee it's been penned in the diary by many teachers and students alike. Students across the country will be anxiously opening an envelope which can determine so many aspects of their future. We take a look teachers can do to make sure students survive this highly anticipated day.

Ensure you're GCSE and A Level students know and realise this...

Whether they achieve the grade they want or if they unfortunately don't, their results are only a reflection of how well they did in the exam. Teachers all know that exams can't measure how kind they are, whether they are skilled at tennis, or how they are just a joy to teach. Of course grades are hugely important but if your students have a desire to achieve and a passion to learn, they will achieve ANYTHING they set their minds too and we hope you reiterate this with them on the day.

Be a Shoulder to Cry On

There will no doubt be tears shed on results day both of happiness and disappointment. Organise a quiet and private area for students or teachers to express their emotions away from unwanted eyes. Once a student has had time to digest their results, gently reassure them of the many other options available. It's best not to press for an immediate decision of an alternative route just yet so give your students something they can take away and explore at a later stage.

Use your 'Know How'

Whether this is your first year of GCSE or A Level results, you will know what students need to do in order to get the next stage of education. Whether a student has met or exceeded their target grades or if they have not, you will be briefed on how you can offer your advice on the next steps whether that be resitting, deferring for a year. If you do find yourself slightly at a loss, talk to your senior manager on how best you can support your students through this period.

Praise, Praise, Praise

After countless months planning, revising and undertaking a myriad of exams across many subjects, you students rightly deserve every ounce of praise you can give for the sheer hard work they have put in over the exam season. Congratulate them. Celebrate with them. Take Selfies with Them. Share a hug with them. We all know that you as a teacher have put in a significant amount of work and by praising your student's, they will be hugely grateful for the contribution you have made!

Say Goodbye

In some cases, results day is the last time you will see some of your students. Even though the main focus of the day is to support your GCSE or A Level students through the next part of their academic career, do make the effort to say goodbye and thank them for being your students.

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