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Our Top Teaching Articles For This Week - 24th April 2017

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We are completely blown away by the sheer number of education resources an teaching articles shared online and on social media.  We are so excited to share these top teaching blogs and articles that we have come across this week!

Teachers On Twitter

Logging In To Twitter On A Mobile Phone

Twitter is by far one of our favourite social networks, especially since we find many inspirational teachers and educators sharing resources, blog articles and examples of work. Erin Miller enthusiastically outlines the benefits of using Twitter as a source of inspiration and ideas and we can wholeheartedly agree with every suggestion. From using hashtags to find other likeminded individuals to making the most of reading education blogs, Erin covers all ground on how you can be a successful teacher on Twitter and we urge all of you to sign yourself up!

If you are already on Twitter or looking to join, make sure you follow us @AFlourishing!

6 Things To Get Right In Every School

TeacherHead 6 Things To Get Right In Every School

This intriguing article came up on our Twitter feed (again another reason to join!) and upon reading, I was completely immersed in the fantastic viewpoints from Tom Sherrington. Tom Sherrington is an experienced school leader and in this article, he outlines what every school needs in order to be a success.

From some great suggestions on effective staff development to resources on effective behaviour management, Tom covers a whole range of topics by his own admission are by no means the only six or necessarily the most important. But, they are all areas that it ought to be possible to plan for, taking account of research evidence and examples of effective practice across the system.

Don't Be A Perfectionist Or Else You'll Never Get Anything Done, EVER

Scott Bradlee Perfectionism

Even though this article does not come from the education sector, it is filled with so many fantastic gems of advice and guidance that will be of benefit to any teacher. Written by Scott Bradlee, the creator of the internet sensation that is Postmodern Jukebox, this terrific blog details Scott's own dealings with perfectionism and how individuals can sway from trying to maintain an idealised image of themselves and their work which can prevent them from achieving their goals.

With a vast number of articles stating that teachers are being unnecessarily hard on themselves (Finding A New Kind Of Perfect – Education Support Partnership), Scott's intelligence on the subject is a refreshing source of inspiration that will encourage teachers to break free from this occasional hindrance of a habit and to be bold enough to explore new ideas and ways of thinking.

DIY Environmental Classroom Activities

School Compost Heap with Compost Bins

Environment and Climate change has been at the forefront of many political discussions for a vast duration of time. Educate your students with these fantastic suggestions from TeachHub on how you can familiarise your students with the eco-system and how they can protect and preserve it. Many of the activities listed in this blog such as Composting, oil spill clean-up and the window garden can be taught in accordance to subjects within the National curriculum in particular Science and Food Technology.

Have you read an article that you feel should be included in our next article roundup? Let us know by getting in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin!

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