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Benefits of Using a Local Teaching Agency

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What are Education Recruitment Agencies?

Teaching recruitment agencies are important. Although some in the education sector disagree, working with an education recruitment agency can have numerous benefits for both candidates and schools. In many cases, local agencies have been instrumental in placing teachers with the right schools for them, who then go on to have very successful careers working in these schools. At the same time, without the help of an education agency, it’s fair to say that some schools would have struggled to find the perfect candidates if they had avoided using a trusted, reputable agency for their recruitment.

In the past, teaching agencies have been perceived as an unwanted cost to schools, with some of them opting instead to keep the entire recruitment process in-house.

However, schools who are recruiting for teaching roles are facing difficulties, namely that teachers are less likely to stay in positions long-term these days. Recruitment is a full-time role in itself which possesses its own share of hardships, mainly the fact that it’s time-consuming, costly and offers no concrete guarantee of success.

It’s abundantly clear why schools are choosing to outsource their recruitment to teaching agencies nearby instead. They choose to work with agencies that possess the resources, time and experience to find the right staff for the roles the schools are constantly trying to fill. Whether it’s a supply teaching position, a classroom teaching assistant, or even a head teacher vacancy, education recruiters (such as Always Flourishing) are suited to help bring the right candidates to the school, that is also right for them.

We’ve taken the time to outline a few benefits of working with education agencies, to hopefully give you some perspective of how it can help you in the long run.

Why Work with a Recruitment Agency?

    1. Time-Saving - As mentioned above, the hiring process eats up a lot of time. Advertising vacancies, carrying out background safety checks, and arranging references and interviews for (potentially) multiple candidates, all while balancing other responsibilities can prove challenging to co-manage effectively. By working with education recruitment agencies, you are handing over these duties and responsibilities over to a team of experienced professionals who are doing this constantly. Therefore, they know what they are doing. Always Flourishing will handle all the applications, run necessary reference, qualification and safeguarding checks on all candidates. Please refer to our 5-Step Process for more information.
    1. Large Talent Pool - Education agencies such as Always Flourishing have access to plenty of suitable candidates who have already registered looking for a teaching position. Local teaching agencies who cover a broad spectrum of schools in their local area have access to numerous aspiring jobseekers, and it’s just a matter of picking the right ones for the ideal position that will work for them, as much as it will for the school. If a school advertises for the position themselves, they run the risk of missing potentially higher-qualified or more suitable applicants. Working with an agency means schools are covering more bases. The agency will even be able to gauge how a candidate will do in a school before the school speaks to them, meaning that there is less risk of timewasters. This is explained in more detail in the 5-Step Process, mentioned above.
  1. Knowledge, Experience and Relationships - Local education recruitment agencies (with a wealth of experience working in education and recruitment) consistently remain one step ahead. They are aware of the talent that is available, where they are and what they are looking for, while also being clued into schools who are recruiting teachers for specific and sometimes rather unique and diverse roles. Good recruiters know how to get hold of candidates, whether they are passively looking for work or are after a very particular type of role that accommodates an already busy lifestyle. Agencies with a wide network of clients, candidates and associates can connect various people with one another seamlessly if they are knowledgeable of what everyone is after. Agencies can start and establish relationships that might fall by the wayside to in-house recruiters because schools are predominantly focused on recruiting for specific teaching roles, rather than building connections. The quality of connections is always measured and delivered by recruiters, who need to have a proven track record of finding the right candidates for the right positions (and vice versa). Educational recruiters act as partners to schools, acting as scouts of the market, who will bring schools the best talent out of a huge selection, and give them continued support along the way.

Teaching Agency Work

Always Flourishing are proud to provide complementary and added value services to our partner schools. We are committed to supporting our schools and other educational institutions with their teacher recruitment processes.

Always Flourishing are proud of the reputation we have built over the years of putting teacher and professional wellbeing at the epicentre of everything we do. We understand that teachers make all the difference in the workplace and most importantly, to pupils.

We are committed to providing the best support to careers of teachers in our local community. Our mission is to put wellbeing first in all areas of education recruitment.

We recruit for supply, permanent or leadership roles across the whole of the educational sector in Berkshire and the Home Counties. This includes:

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