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6 Qualities Schools look for in NQTs

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What is a Newly-Qualified Teachers?

As a newly-qualified teacher, or NQT for short, it’s fair to say applying for teaching jobs can be both a daunting and exciting experience. After having completed your degree, achieved your qualified teacher status (QTS), and written your CV, you’ll be looking for teaching jobs with schools in your local area.

As an NQT, your ideal teaching job positions will be one with a school that will support you through your induction year. With this added support, you can develop valuable teaching skills to help you fill any teaching vacancy with confidence and an open mind.

Much the same as if you were working as a supply teacher or a teaching assistant, you can learn valuable and applicable skills and qualities that you can take with you when you apply for teaching jobs. Whether this is working full time in independent schools or nurseries, and anything in between, it’s important to remember that schools looking to recruit are after teacher with particular skills.

It will help you stand out from the crowd if you demonstrate certain traits in your professional and personal demeanour, both in and out of the classroom. To give you some additional help, as is our approach and ethos with our candidates, Always Flourishing have outlined six qualities you should aim to have when working as a teacher.

What to Show as an NQT

  1. Proactivity – excellent teaching is reliant on NQTs who are proactive. These same rules apply if you are becoming a supply teacher or stepping up into a school leadership position; if you’re capable of planning, setting goals and working towards them. Schools are always on the lookout for NQTs who can instil a positive classroom environment, while being resilient in their execution as well as planning, marking and commitment to supporting other teaching staff.
  2. Knowledge – while it’s no secret NQTs need to demonstrate excellent expertise in their chosen subject(s), showing a firm, more comprehensive understanding of the education sector, policies, news and updates to the curriculum. The Department for Education website is an excellent hub for this kind of information.
  3. Passion – any teacher, NQT or not, will be looked favourably upon if they show devotion and love for their subject. Not just the topic itself, but the art of teaching it as well. Enthusiasm, coupled with an aspiration to teach, will collectively boost your students’ willingness to learn. It also helps if you can apply your passion to different sectors, with pupils who may take to your subject slightly differently. For example, teaching in private schools might garner different reactions to say, state schools. The passion should never falter, though.
  4. Eagerness – for an NQT, it’s vital you show you’re willing to learn while you secure a permanent teaching position. Even though you’d have already spent years learning and perfecting your craft in education, showing that you want to learn more will put you in the school’s good books. You could ask your school if they run any additional mentoring schemes or programs involving other staff members, or request to observe other teachers on implementing new teaching methods. Working as a teaching assistant or a supply teaching assistant can help you lock this down, early on in your teaching career.
  5. Teamwork – remember that in your first teaching position, while you may be teaching classes alone, the external department very much operates as a team. If you show you can work well in a group, your department can enhance how your students learn and work. By sharing ideas, knowledge, resources and time, your department can also be a valuable support network as you settle into working as a full-time teacher.
  6. Communication – for both your students and your fellow teachers, showing a practical ability to communicate is, arguably, most important of all. It goes beyond just teaching your chosen subject effectively. Raising any concerns and asking for help from your school on how to apply yourself better, is equally important. Communication, by extension, helps your department function effectively as a team and helps you to be more proactive.

Are you an NQT Looking for a Teaching Job?

Always Flourishing is an education recruitment agency who help candidates land permanent teaching roles after achieving their QTS. This could be in primary schools, secondary schools or even the SEND sector, and we also help aspiring teachers who want to work as a teaching assistant or land temporary, supply teaching positions. We always work diligently to support candidates across the Thames Valley looking for work. Register with us for free today.

Are you a School Looking to Recruit NQTs?

Always Flourishing can help your school recruit permanent teachers. We have access to a vast talent pool of NQTS looking for permanent teaching vacancies. As an education agency with a dedicated, specialist team of trained recruiters with valuable teaching experience, we know who is going to be ideal for filling your teaching vacancy.

Speak to us today to see how we can help.

Are you a School Looking to Recruit NQTs?

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