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Teaching Remotely for Primary Schools

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Can Primary School Jobs be Done via Remote Teaching?

When training to become a teacher, it's unlikely anyone could have been slightly prepared for teaching classes remotely because of a global pandemic.

No matter what stage of your teaching journey you are at, whether it's as a supply teaching assistant, permanent teacher or if you are still applying for teaching agency jobs, teaching should never have to be done remotely. The real effectiveness of education is discovered when the teacher and pupils are in the classroom together. This is particularly true for primary school teachers and pupils. Children are at that age (5-11 years) where they start to remember how helpful and supportive their teachers and teaching assistants can be.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced pupils of all ages to be taught at home, and in light of this, every school has also felt the pressure to use video conferencing tools as methods of distance-learning. Schools have been forced to act quickly, almost scrambling to ensure students are not behind academically. However, it's essential to remember how the coronavirus might be affecting pupils on a personal level.

The social element of education can still exist when teaching remote lessons, and you can truly become an effective teacher if you embrace this change. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of teaching primary school pupils in a remote environment

E-Teaching to Primary School Pupils

Younger pupils can be particularly sensitive to drastic change, and on the flip side, they can wholly embrace it. Here are some vital tips to ensure you, as someone new to (or experienced in) primary school jobs, can help your pupils on a social and academic level.

  1. Get them in the right mindset – while your role as a teacher is to ensure your pupils are receiving the support they need, if they are struggling with a new way of life, it can have a knock-on effect on their education. It's vital, therefore, to get them in the right mindset for distance-learning, about how it gives them great opportunities to learn. Establish new 'e-classroom' behaviours and rules, and provide them with a platform to ensure they are still an essential part of every class. Teaching responsibilities like these can help pupils stay invested and motivated to work hard and bring their ideas forward.
  2. Prepare well in advance – while teaching from home has meant everyone has to adapt to new routines, every teacher should always make sure they are well-prepared. There can be a temptation to leave certain things to the morning, but every day could present a WiFi router not working or a laptop not turning on. Schedule your activities and lessons ahead of time, and stay organised. This is valuable advice for teachers in itself, but it applies now that you are teaching classes at home.
  3. Keep pupils well-connected – it's fair to say some pupils will prioritise some activities over others, and not all of them will complete everything they're asked to do. If you do find some of your students struggling, it's a good idea to check in with them. Some pupils may be deeply affected by the stress of COVID-19, as might their families. It helps pupils to know their teachers are there for them.
  4. Allow plenty of time – this is valuable advice that will have been drilled into you when applying for teaching jobs. It doesn't matter whether you hold a permanent or supply teaching position; everyone always says that teaching jobs are notorious for how much time you have to put in. Even when becoming a remote teacher, you can quickly find yourself loaded with work to check every day. To stop yourself from becoming overwhelmed, make a point to catch up with your marking or admin while you're not teaching.

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