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Benefits of Schools Using Education Recruitment Agencies

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What is Education Recruitment?

Undoubtedly, school recruitment is vital to the success of a school. The process of advertising for teaching jobs, finding appropriate candidates that meet the criteria (with the right teaching qualifications) and narrowing down your decisions can be time-consuming and incredibly costly. If recruiting teachers yourself, the process is usually overseen by someone who already has a plethora of other responsibilities.

The purpose of education recruitment is to attract the perfect candidates, and it’s how schools implement and execute their teaching recruitment processes that determine how successful they are. The reality is that many schools find, after considerable time advertising for teaching careers, that the costs start to pile up, it becomes too time-consuming, and the risks of not finding the appropriate teaching job applicants outweigh the benefits.

Especially during these unprecedented times, schools now have the additional pressure of trying to fill teaching vacancies following new education sector government guidelines

This is where an education agency can help alleviate a huge amount of that pressure.

What do Education Recruitment Agencies do?

Education recruitment consultants are responsible for attracting candidates who are interested in getting into teaching, and matching them for available teaching positions. These positions could be on a permanent, leadership or temporary basis. A consultant will have ideally built positive relationships with numerous partner schools in their local area, and gain a thorough understanding of the types of teaching candidates they are after.

Education recruitment agencies also work diligently to attract candidates, interview them, run comprehensive background checks to match them with schools that are looking to hire. Put simply, an education agency is responsible for finding the perfect applicant to fill full-time and supply teaching jobs, an applicant who is the right fit for the agency’s client.

Teaching recruitment agencies take the stress away from schools handling their own teacher recruitment, and offer a cost-effective, time-saving alternative to sourcing teachers who want to develop and grow in their careers. Agencies try and strike the perfect balance.

What are the Advantages of Using Education Recruitment Agencies?

Schools sometimes sit on the fence when it comes to deciding on potentially using education recruitment services. They may have concerns about whether their chosen recruiter will be able to source the perfect teaching job applicant, and whether their experience in recruitment demonstrates the ability to target the right candidates.

The reality is that schools often aren’t fully aware of just how beneficial an education consultant can be. Here at Always Flourishing, we are no strangers to schools expressing concern over the processes, and how we work. We are here to give you advice on how advantageous using an agency can be for schools.

  1. Experience in the industry

    Teaching agency workers aren’t just experts at matching candidates with jobs in education. Many recruiters work across several sectors (ranging from primary school jobs and secondary school jobs all the way through to nurseries and SEND schools). This wide variety of services gives an agency like Always Flourishing that collective industry insight. What’s more, our consultants all have extensive teaching experience, which helps us provide best practice for hiring and current teaching recruitment legislation.
  2. Filtering of applicants

    If advertising for vacancies internally, there is no guarantee that a teaching job ad will land in front of the school’s desired target audience. Either there may be an overwhelming response from applicants that aren’t the right fit, or very few people will respond. By using an agency, you’re increasing your chances of reaching an ideal number of potential, high-quality teachers, with the consultants having filtered through numerous applications.
  3. Hours of administration work is saved

    School recruitment, naturally, comes with a seemingly never-ending list of administrative duties. Screening and communicating with applicants, notifying unsuccessful ones, scheduling interviews, checking references and providing feedback all takes time. Outsourcing to an education recruiter means these duties are given to a dedicated consultant, so schools can focus on other important business.
  4. Extensive reach across local and regional areas

    The best education recruitment agencies will have built successful relationships with schools in multiple counties and districts. This gives them access to a huge talent pool of potential candidates in those areas. Always Flourishing work to recruit teachers for schools across the Thames Valley.

Looking to Recruit and Retain High-Quality Teachers?

So if you’re convinced that permanent and supply teaching agencies can work with you, the next step is to book a call with your agency.

At Always Flourishing, we offer more than just recruitment services. We offer plenty of added value options to make filling teaching jobs easier for candidates and clients, offering bespoke services and flexibility. We want to see how we can help you through this testing time, so get in touch with us today.

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