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What to Consider Before Applying for Jobs in Private Schools

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Schools Hiring Teachers for Private School Jobs

Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, you will find private school job openings. Always Flourishing specialises in matching vacancies with candidates and regularly posts jobs from schools across the Thames Valley hiring for private school jobs.

Private School Teachers

Parents spend large amounts of money sending their children to private schools, so they expect a lot back in return. 
While the application form will be fairly similar to that of a state school, there are some crucial points to consider before getting started with your teaching job application. Don’t assume that the interview process, for example, will be similar to that at a state school, nursery or any other educational setting you may already be familiar with.
Before you apply for private school vacancies, think carefully about the following points:
  1. Make sure your credentials are up to scratch

It’s not a legal requirement to have a recognised teaching qualification to teach in a private school, but it’s preferable as it shows clear commitment to teaching as well as knowledge of the skills needed. Most private schools employ teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). The school will confirm your credentials, so be wary of embellishing your facts. Also make sure your references are top-notch, as they will definitely be contacted.
  1. Exemplify your love of teaching

Private and independent schools hire staff who are dedicated, professional and passionate about teaching their subject to young people. Your passion for teaching should shine through everything. Always back up your statements with examples. But also remember, it’s important to show interviewers that you have made mistakes and learnt from them as well. 
  1. Think about how you can add value
Including details on any particular experiences, competences or leisure interests shows you to be a well-rounded person and someone who can add value to the school. Mention any involvement you’ve had with working with children, for example, running clubs or summer camps. Show how your experience here has enriched your knowledge of teaching and how children learn. Schools are always keen to hire staff who can make a wider contribution.
  1. Show enthusiasm for getting involved with extracurricular activities

In your interview, it is highly likely that you will be asked what you can contribute to extracurricular activities. Teachers in private schools are often expected to be involved in, if not in charge of, extracurricular activities, as these make up a big part of private education. Think about what you could add in the fields of music, sport or drama. Offering to help with extracurricular activities the school provides, also demonstrates that you’ve done your research and looked at the school website.
  1. Explain how you will build rapport with teachers, pupils & parents

This is another important factor when applying for private school job vacancies. Think of innovative ways you can liaise with parents, how to get the best out of your students and create good relationships with your peers. 
The most important thing is to take your time, do your research, find out all you can about the school and its values, your role, the environment, and always ask lots of questions. When you’ve filled out the form and written your personal statement:
  • Make sure you have been thorough, detailed and clear. 
  • Spend time reviewing your answers and statements
  • Get someone you trust to read your form through, as a second pair of eyes, to spot any mistakes, typos or inconsistencies.

How do I find Teaching Jobs in Private Schools?

Always Flourishing is a leading education recruitment agency that supports educators looking for their next role across the Thames Valley and Home Counties. They work with all kinds of preparatory and senior schools in the UK and take pride in providing excellent candidates at all levels of the profession, from headteachers to classroom teaching assistants.

For guidance and support in preparing for a role in a private school, get in touch with Always Flourishing. Even during this pandemic, we can help candidates find their ideal route into teaching.

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