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How to Manage your Wellbeing as a Supply Teacher

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Managing your Wellbeing during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The coronavirus pandemic has put a huge strain on schools, teachers and pupils alike, across the globe. Teaching staff the world over have played a vital role in our response to coronavirus, allowing key workers to get to work and providing support to their local communities. Most importantly, they have supported their pupils in continuing to learn, albeit online, while they may have also faced their own challenging personal and professional situations.

Supply teachers are a dedicated part of this workforce, and have also gone through uncertainties in recent months. Some will not have been eligible for furlough, while others may have faced redundancy. The first lockdown meant many supply teachers were forced to take an unexpected break from teaching due to shielding or perhaps just not being needed as a substitute teacher for the moment.

As schools started to stagger their reopening for pupils, the education system had to reinvent itself. For some pupils, returning to school after an extended time at home has highlighted behavioural issues or learning gaps, and supply teachers must be prepared for that.

Getting a Job as a Supply Teacher or Supply Teaching Assistant

As teachers may have to self-isolate or be off sick, schools are more and more in need of good quality supply teachers and supply teaching assistants. If you are looking for this type of teaching vacancy, get in touch with one of the supply teaching agencies, such as Always Flourishing, who help schools in the Thames Valley and Home Counties fill short and long-term teaching jobs. 

We recognise that even as we approach 2021, the landscape for teaching job vacancies might seem polarising and daunting. So not only have we written some tips to help you manage your wellbeing, but we are here to answer your questions and help ease any worries you may have.

Wellbeing Tips for Supply Teachers During COVID-19

  1. Create a routine that works for you

    The nature of a supply teaching position can be unpredictable; you are sometimes called on at the last minute to cover sick leave or just help schools where most needed. This means there isn’t a consistent work pattern - therefore a routine - with this type of teaching job. Having a routine can help you feel grounded and secure, so consider creating a morning routine that gives you the energy and positivity you need to face the day. This could be starting off with a healthy, nutritious breakfast, or doing some yoga, or even spending 15 minutes reading a book, newspaper or your favourite blog. Prepare what you need the night before, get into good sleeping habits and try to let light in as soon as you wake up, to increase feelings of wakefulness.
  2. Engage with other supply teachers in your school/community

    While being a substitute teacher can be very flexible, it can also be isolating as there is often little chance to form meaningful connections with permanent teachers. However, there is a large network of supply teachers in the UK and you can still feel you belong to a community by finding an online forum or Facebook group of supply teachers. Here you can share experiences and pick up supply teaching tips as well as techniques on how others manage their wellbeing.
  3. Take time out for other interests or hobbies

    Why not use your free time, or the time between teaching positions, to pursue a hobby you haven’t done for a while, or find a new interest? Spending time doing something you enjoy will enhance your wellbeing and levels of positivity, so you come back to teaching jobs with renewed vitality.
  4. Sign up with a dedicated supply teaching agency

    Register with a dedicated teaching agency, such as Always Flourishing for supply teaching jobs and the worry of constantly looking for work will be eased. Supply teaching agencies will contact you whenever a suitable vacancy arises, so you can concentrate on your work and enjoy your time off between jobs.

How Always Flourishing can support Supply Teachers in 2020

We are a leading education recruitment consultancy and provide supply teaching assistants and teachers into schools that need help, particularly during this uncertain time. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help you find your next supply teaching job.

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