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How to Teach Effectively Online

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As schools across the UK face another massive obstacle in the form of a third national lockdown, remote lessons and online learning have once again become the norms. As a teaching recruitment agency, we are just one of the many institutions within the education sector that have been thrown into yet even more disarray and confusion with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

While we cannot deny the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on parents and children, teachers have also felt the burden. Continually adapting and changing to the demands of teaching classes remotely has been something teachers have had to do across the board.

Online Teaching

Teaching students remotely, via video conferencing, while good in principle, does not recapture the same magic as being in the classroom. For students, learning from home can feel isolating without their peers’ company, and this underlying sense of isolation can prove damaging in the long run. Having gone on for so long, this new normal has ultimately led to all-time low levels of inspiration.

However, teachers can still maintain a positive classroom environment by keeping things personable, engaging and exciting for students. In a digital environment, that is not easy to do for any teacher, whether they are teaching in a primary school, secondary school or nursery and are working on a permanent or supply teaching basis. All teachers are finding these new teaching methods difficult, not to mention the additional work they have to do outside the classroom.

But in challenging times like these, teachers can make digital classrooms enthralling and useful, so that students can get more out of each lesson. Here are a few helpful suggestions that we, as education recruiters recommend.

Tips to Make Online Learning Effective for Students

  1. Take time to greet them personally. -Allow a few minutes before each lesson to greet your pupils, and let them say hello to each other. They’re missing out on the interpersonal elements of school so give them a platform to recreate that in the digital classroom.
  2. Make lessons interactive. -During your lessons, see what you can incorporate into their learning by using third-party platforms. Quizizz, Brainscape or Slido are great options to bring into the classroom as they add variety and depth to the lesson.
  3. Offer rewards. - If students are putting the work in, it’s essential to recognise that and give them praise. Use your school’s recommended rewarding system to increase motivation and engagement.
  4. Keep instructions simple. - When you’re using teaching materials, it’s important to make sure they’re easy to read and understand. This will ensure much smoother lessons for all.
  5. Independent challenges. - Some students will work faster than others while taking remote classes. So make sure that you offer other challenges where you can, while providing additional support to other students who need it.
  6. Recognise their commitment. - Recognise that this is as difficult for children as it is for teachers. Recognise their efforts and contributions and make them feel valued, as that can boost their confidence and motivation to do even better.
  7. Keep high standards. - While challenging to monitor, you should still make students aware that you expect them to work to a high standard. It is still a classroom, albeit a virtual one, and they should treat it as such.
  8. Remember you’re doing the best you can. - Online lessons won’t always go swimmingly, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to perform perfectly. This is all you can do until teachers worldwide can have students in the classroom again.

Looking for Local Teaching Recruitment Agencies?

Always Flourishing are education recruitment specialists, with a wealth of experience in teaching ourselves. Granted, we have not quite experienced the same teaching challenges that many are facing in 2021. But that doesn’t change the fact that we are committed to ensuring wellbeing at the heart of all our candidates.

Mental health is something which nobody should turn a blind eye to, and the pandemic has put an enormous strain on teachers’ wellbeing. Schools across the Thames Valley are still hiring full-time and supply teachers, and teaching assistants, to aid them in their current shortages. Help is still needed in places, and we are still offering a lending hand.

Find your Next Teaching Vacancy

We help candidates land their ideal teaching vacancies by working closely with our partner schools. We’re committed to helping you find the right teaching job for you, even in the midst of this current pandemic. Give us a call to see how we can help.

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