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Best Online Teaching Resources [2021 Update]

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With the recent announcement that all primary schools in England have reopened (with secondary schools not far behind) as of the 8th March 2021, welcoming pupils back for face-to-face teaching leaves a lot of questions hanging over peoples’ heads. Not least pertaining to the ongoing vaccine rollout and whether opening schools will drive infection rates of COVID-19 further, the issue is still ongoing. Despite this, many teachers will welcome the return to schools.

While face-to-face teaching in schools is very much the talking point, and where schools will direct most of their attention, we should not discard all remote teaching resources just yet. In fact, teachers can still utilise these resources to their advantage after they return to school.

Making the Most of Online Teaching

The majority of teachers may not rely on online teaching resources once they return to teaching pupils in person. These resources may be less relied upon in the coming weeks, but that doesn’t mean they will be any less useful in the classroom.

Plus, we cannot ignore that individual pupils, classes and even year groups could potentially have to self-isolate briefly over the coming months. While the vaccine rollout remains in place, this should minimise the amounts of pupils self-isolating. But it is still possible that primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, supply teachers, and even teaching assistants may have to return to working from home for a brief period of time.

Whatever the case, teachers can still utilise the technology and resources available to support children’s learning online. Teaching jobs have felt very different over the past year, and people getting into teaching in 2021 will have substantially challenging months ahead. But online teaching resources can be a valuable helping hand in supporting pupils’ education while the pandemic continues.

Primary School Teaching Resources

For anyone teaching in primary schools, below are some useful resources which many teachers have found helpful:

Secondary School Teaching Resources

Secondary school teachers across the UK have found the following resources to be valuable as they help students learn from home:

General Online Teaching Resources

Other resources - many of which have been widely-publicised - below also will prove useful in and out of the classroom:

These other resources may be helpful for teachers struggling with remote learning:

  • Stress-free remote teaching
  • Support for those new to remote education

Teachers Going Back to School in 2021

The list of online resources above really is the smallest tip of the iceberg; there are so many more resources available to teachers working in various schools. Whether you’re a supply teacher working in a private school or a teaching assistant in a state independent school, the resources above are bound to help in some way.

We understand that the change in circumstances might come as a surprise to some, and we recognise that it may fill some teachers reading this with anxiety and uncertainty. 

Although the Prime Minister highlighted the importance of teaching in schools face-to-face is vital for pupil wellbeing, how much of the catch-up funding will be readily available to support mental health? Some students will need to be given extra care and attention once they return, but equally, so will some teachers. 

Always Flourishing are here to help. We are a teaching recruitment agency with a wealth of expertise handling all types of school recruitment concerns. We have teaching experience ourselves and can help you, whether you’re a teaching agency worker or a school needing to recruit new teachers.

Teaching Agency Jobs and Recruitment

Many teachers are going to be called upon from March onwards to face a potentially nerve-wracking situation. If you are concerned and need assistance from experienced teachers and recruitment specialists who have provided extensive support to schools across the Thames Valley for several years, speak to Always Flourishing today.

This could be the first step back to reclaiming a life that we all had before. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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