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Guaranteed Substitute Work Schemes

Guaranteed Substitute Work Schemes – for Supply Teachers looking for job security

A Guaranteed Substitute Work Scheme – is it for you?

Guaranteed teaching work is a great option if you want security and one point of contact rather than dealing with calls from multiple agencies. It gives you the flexibility of substitute teaching and short-term blocks with the guarantee of getting paid for the number of days per week that you chose to work. Your income is secure and you get the opportunity to find out which type of school suits you best. If there is no work available Always Flourishing will pay our teaching staff for the number of days agreed while on the scheme.

How will it work for you?

We will agree with our teachers the number of days to be guaranteed for each scheme. If you work more than your agreed number of days then you keep all of your remuneration, however if you work less than your agreed number of days (for example, if we agree you will teach for 44 days in the school term but you only teach 40) then we pay you for the 4 extra days at the end of the term. This rarely happens, but it gives our selected teachers peace of mind.

What are the benefits?

Competitive pay, job security and local schools suited to your teaching ability. For many of our primary and secondary school teachers looking for jobs on a long-term basis, this is a great way to secure your new teaching job.

How long does the teaching job agreement last for?

Each scheme will be agreed individually taking into account the area, your availability and work type; we work around your needs and commitments so the supply teaching jobs match your lifestyle.
If you are happy with the supply teaching roles we give you then we renew the scheme each & every term if you wish.

Your commitment to us:

Once you become a member of our Guaranteed Substitute Work Scheme, this means you are able to accept suitable supply teaching work exclusively with Always Flourishing for the days agreed.