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Bringing wellbeing to education recruitment

Our Approach

A minimal stress teaching job... is it even possible?

Are you aware that nearly 50% of teachers said their work performance and personal relationships suffered due to the impacts of poor wellbeing? It's no surprise especially with the constant threat of a looming Ofsted inspection or the curriculum constantly changing. We know that a days' work can be consuming. It can be enough to leave a tight knot in your stomach. Do times like this have you thinking 'are all teaching jobs like this?'

Well, the answer to that question is no.

Not every job will make you feel like you have a hundred plates spinning. Not every job will have you filling out ridiculous amounts of paperwork and admin.

Just picture yourself with a renewed sense of autonomy and confidence after teaching yet another successful lesson. Senior leadership is full of praise for your efforts and parents are amazed at the work their child has produced. But, did you work all the weekend? Did you leave on a Friday at 6:30 just to get planning finished?

We don't think so as you're in a school that focuses on the education of children rather than ticking boxes and appeasing those higher up.

Enjoy a flourishing teaching career where you can take students on a journey to self-realisation whilst having more time to spend on life outside the classroom.

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