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Permanent Teaching Jobs

At Always Flourishing, we offer a wide variety of Permanent and Full Time Teaching Jobs for both Primary Schools and Secondary Schools in The Thames Valley. 

We have a focus on recruiting and placing qualified teachers, newly qualified teachers (NQTs), teaching assistants, nursery nurses, SEN specialists and other education professionals and support staff in full time and permanent teaching positions. Primary, Secondary and SEN schools always looking for passionate and committed teachers who are fully suited to the schools' environment.

Temp to Perm

Schools who have an individual in mind for a teaching role can offer them a Temp to Perm teaching contract. A Temp to Perm contract is when the school offers the candidate the position in the school on a temporary basis for a specific duration of time. Once that period of time is complete, both parties can choose to accept the permanent contract if they both feel that it is suitable.

There are many benefits for both the school and the candidate on working on a Temp to Perm contract. Schools can ensure that they have the right staff member that is going to be the ideal fit for their school. Candidates have the same benefit as they are able to determine if the school is the right environment for them without being tied into a straight to permanent teaching content.

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