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Bringing wellbeing to education recruitment

Our Approach

Our 5 step approach to supporting schools with their recruitment needs.


How does Emotional Intelligence (EI) help you flourish?

Always Flourishing evaluates the skills and competencies of our candidates as well as their emotional intelligence. Our research shows that the higher the EI of the candidate the better the cultural fit to the school in which they are placed.


What qualities make a candidate flourish?

As part of candidate recruitment process, we look for teachers and support staff who are able to demonstrate the following qualities:


Quality & excellence

Always Flourishing undertakes safeguarding checks on all our job seekers in accordance with the DfE statutory guidance Keeping Children Safe in Education (2014), including the supplementary advice relating to checks for people working with children under the Childcare (Disqualification) Regulations 2009. We take a zero-risk approach to candidate vetting and safeguarding.

Always Flourishing is committed to fully complying with the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR). We aim to provide schools and supply staff with clear and unambiguous information to help them work within the law.

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